A downloadable game for Windows

HellCrunch is a FPS with a focus on run and gun gameplay, open levels, and atmospheric environments. The linked version is a demo containing six enemy types, six weapons and one completed level. You're returning to the small town of Cardston in the Aderhawk Mountains. you'd visited the town many times as a child to visit your grandparents, but today, something seems off...

Default Controls:

Movement: WASD + Mouse

Jump: Spacebar

Fire: Mouse1

Reload: R

Run: Shift

Flashlight: F

Throw Grenade: G

Interact: E

Pause: Esc


1 - Shotgun

2 - Rifle

3 - Plasma Rifle

4 - RPG

5 - Axe

6 - MegaGun

Install instructions

1. Extract RAR

2. Read Readme

3. Play Game


HellCrunch0.1.2.rar (367 MB)


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I'm sorry to inform you of this but it looks like someone else has stolen your game an uploaded it as their own work: https://pixelkid.itch.io/zombieland. They have done the same thing with one of my games.

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Thanks for the heads up! I'm just wondering what he was planning on doing with a (still in progress) demo?

Yeah, it's weird. Itch seems to have removed that account now, so they sorted it pretty quickly.